Resources: Moving Tips

Before and While Moving
  • See that there is adequate place for the parking of the moving van.
  • If possible arrange for elevators, both in your old and new destinations.
  • Put lids tightly on all liquids.
  • Bundle together mops, brooms, skies and garden tools so that they can be found easily.
  • Clean your new home before you arrive, if you cannot do it, hire some person that will do the cleaning before you reach.
  • Try to move on a weekend, this will not only be cheaper for you but will also help you to get hold of the contracts that you might need in case there is a problem, like: utilities companies not connecting your service and the like.
  • If any of your boxes contain fragile items, mark them clearly and also inform the movers about them; so that they can take extra care.
  • If you are carrying boxes of heavy items, you should never bend your back but your knees.
  • Before your movers arrive, try to stack all your boxes and containers at the corner of the room and leave the room to the movers. This will speed up their process of moving.
  • Make sure that someone is there in the new house before the movers arrive to take care of the unloading.
  • Moving is a curious mixture of action and boredom. Feed the movers regularly, as they need lot of energy and prevent them from taking frequent breaks.
  • Give your mover your cell phone number, so that they can keep in touch with you when ever it is required.
  • If you find that any of your belongings or your home is damaged by the movers, inform them immediately.

After Moving
  • After your move has been completed, do not forget to pay tip to the movers. Never feel that you have to tip them even if you are not satisfied with their job. Tip them only when you are happy to show them that you are happy with the job that they have done.
  • Plug-in the electrical items only after they reached the room temperature.
  • You can experience a feeling of “blue” for a couple of days after moving.
  • Let your friends and families know that you have moved safely.
  • You can even plan and actually organize a house warming party.
  • If you are moving with kids, leave them in their new bedrooms with a couple of boxes that they can unpack. This will keep them engaged.
  • Do not keep them in side of major electrical goods like, refrigerator. They can either harm the good or harm themselves.
  • Keep your kids occupied and give them lot of attention. They may feel out-of-place because of the move. Check, if there is any damage created as a result of moving. Some of the moving companies give you only limited time for the claim.

Things To Carry Yourself
  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Jewelry
  • Photographs
  • Album
  • Personal items, like Credit Cards
  • Personal Records, like Deeds, Mortgages, Bank Documents

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