Moving Guides & Resources

Moving can be very stressful. That is why we have compiled these resources to help you plan and prepare for the big day.

Moving ChecklistsMoving Guides

Moving Resources

We have prepared these moving resources for you to download and help with your move.

Moving Checklist

When moving it is a good idea to have well planned move.  From our experience we have provided you with a suitable timeline.

Packing Tips

Through our years of experience we provide you with the tools to and tips to pack your belongings.

Moving Tips

Pierre Byers Moving Company’s Tips – Before and While you are moving and after your move.  We also provide you with a list of items you should leave only in your possession.

Items that should not be shipped

There are some items that should not be shipped and we have listed them here.

Moving Checklists

With our years of experience at Pierre Byers Moving Company we have developed planned checklists for every step of your move!  This will help a great deal in the different stages.

2 Months Before Moving


Start cleaning out things you will not bring.  Plan a yard sale to sell it.  It’s not free to ship, so if you don’t need it, get rid of it!  Clothes, old school projects and strange gifts from ex’s all fall into this category.


Start shopping around for a mover (check out our page on “how to pick a mover”). Decide if you want to pack yourself or have professionals pack for  you (often wise if you want to guarantee that insurance will cover breakage).

Generally, two months is plenty of time though if you are planning on moving in the summer months, you might want to start looking  10 weeks in advance to be safe.


Insurance.  While shopping for a mover, check out insurance and call your homeowner’s insurance agent to see if you are already covered.


Start talking to your children before you move.  Moving to a new location can be traumatic for young children. Preparing them in advance gives the child plenty of time to prepare for the move. 

1 Month Before Moving


Start Packing.  As early as one month before, you can buy boxes, packing supplies (markers, etc.) and tape.  Pack rarely used china or off-season clothes (if they still fit!).  When packing, keep in mind that it’s most important to fill boxes to capacity.  Under-filled boxes can get crushed and over-filled boxes may fall apart.  Pick the right size box for the job.  Boxes should be between 25-35 lbs each.


Save all your bills.  Remember to save your last bills – they have crucial information like account numbers and customer service telephone numbers that will help you change your utilities, credit cards, magazine subscriptions, etc.


Change magazine subscriptions to your new address.  The last few weeks get hectic and you may not have time to read them, anyway! laughing


Get a copy of medical records.  We’ve just heard too many horror stories of people losing medical records because they don’t see a physician or dentist for awhile… etc. Get a copy of your medical records and transfer them to a new physician in your new location.

2 Weeks Before Moving


Cancel your local newspaper… or change the address if you get a major national paper delivered to your house.


Notify all financial accounts of your move.  Banks, credit cards, brokerages (401k, personal stocks/mutual funds, other investments, etc.) they all need to know your new address. Make a list and call/write them all! 

3 Days Before Moving


Disconnect major appliances.  Refridgerator, washer & dryer, ect.  should all be disconnected, defrosted and dried out.


Finish Packing!  


Valuables.  There are a small number of things that you will probably want to carry with you or in a personal suitcase.  Passport, jewelry, cash, house deeds and other important documents should be set aside and stored in a safe place.


First Night.  For each member of your household, you’ll want to pack a few nights’ worth of clothes, bedding, toiletries, etc.  And dishware for meals.  Remember that it will take you some time to UNPACK on the other end! 

Moving Day!

Enjoy! Since you have prepared so well, just relax while the movers load your well-packed boxes onto the truck!

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How it Works 

Get an Estimate

One of the most important things we tell our clients is to know your move in date before you get your estimate.

Plan Your Move

Once you know your move in date – be realistic with how long it will take you to pack and plan your move.


Schedule Your Move

With our expertise we understand all the hiccups that come with moving! We have made it easier with our moving tips and guides!  


Do you bill by the hour or flat rate?

We work with our clients and preference of payment.

Does your start time begin when leaving your office and heading to the job? Or Does it begin upon arrival?

The job starts upon arrival to the job site.

How many men will be on the job?

It depends where your inventory is located. Items located on the 2nd floor or 3rd floor stairs only or high rise building: ie: 44th floor via freight elevator. 

When you arrive is a deposit due?

Yes, typically the 2 hours minimum is due in cash/ Cashiers check or Credit card (fee applies).

Do you sanitize your trucks between jobs to meet the requirements of COVID-19?

Yes, we sanitize our truck between clients for the benefit of out team and the next client.  We use Lysol Disinfectant spray or Microban 24 hours Disinfectant spray.

Do you have your own storage facility?

No we do not, but we can recommend a local U-Haul facility, most times getting you 1st months rent free.

Do you and your staff wear protective gear while on job site?

Yes we do, typically we are wearing N-95 mask and rubber or plastic gloves, while social distancing from client/s.  Following all recommendations of State and local officials.

Are you licensed and Insured?

Yes, we are licensed by the state of Florida, Broward County and Broward Business office. We care 2 types of insurance property and vehicles.

Do you have your own storage facility?

No we do not, but we can recommend a local U-Haul facility, most times getting you 1st months rent free.

Do you have your own storage facility?

No we do not, but we can recommend a local U-Haul facility, most times getting you 1st months rent free.

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